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Managing Page History


It would be extremely useful if there is a way to manage wiki page history. Two suggestions: 1) it would be nice if we have an option (say, checkbox) for minor changes to not be stored in the history; 2) it would be nice to be able to delete selected history pages one-by-one. Obviously both could just be given to the administrator. I understand that, in principle, this is against the typical purpose of a wiki, which is a module for collaboration and which should keep history. However, the administrator should have access to basically everything and managing history would go a great length to controlling the size of the database, which is the only limit that a lot of hosting providers impose.


exweeto wrote Jun 1, 2016 at 10:03 AM

On one of my sites, the Wiki_TopicHistory table is 3 times the size of the next biggest table on the site! Most of this content is irrelevant to me (or anyone else) since, in many cases, they were typographical corrections, and the like. Even some major changes are irrelevant - a topic might have basic placeholder text or an outline of what the final topic content will be, and these are totally superseded by the actual topic content. I therefore strongly support this proposal. Perhaps a third suggestion would be to add an option to the Wiki setup that allows for only so many history items to be kept per topic.